Four Elements Tantra

According to ancient beliefs, every person represents a specific element:

water, air, earth, or fire.

We are capable of finding your element by checking your month of birth. The massage will then be performed with essential oils perfectly matching your element. They will help your body get rid of all the harmful toxins, improve circulation, initiate hormonal balance regaining, and will make it possible for your organism to deal with health issues in a remarkably more efficient manner.

Tantric massage will not only soothe your body and soul, but will also resonate with your element.

Month of birth: November, December, January

Month of birth: May, June, July

Month of birth: February, March, April

Month of birth: August, September, October

Studio Dewi - jeden z najlepszych masaży Tantra w Polsce.

Mieścimy się w Gdyni i Krakowie


Gdynia - - masaż Tantra classic 1h - 180 zł a 1,5h - 280 zł ( promocja do odwołania)

Kraków - -Tantra classic 1h- 190 zł, a inne rodzaje Tantry imasaże- 20 pln ( promocje nie łączą się) - POMOCJA DO ODWOŁANIA

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