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Tantric massages

Tantric massage is one of the most pleasant and relaxing acts that a person in a dire need of unwinding can opt for. The discussed technique was known in the ancient times, but now it is discovered anew. Said massage can be compared to its classic counterpart, which is of exceptional importance for it allows to eliminate body-specific problems, but in the case of tantric massages (performed with the entire body of a masseur) it is even more desired for it helps the client regain both bodily and spiritual balance. More about Tantra >>


W dniach 09.07 – 19.07 możliwość rezerwacji masaży dla Par oraz na cztery ręce w promocyjnych cenach. Tantra 4 ręce – 1h 350 zł, Ying & Yang Classic – 1,5h 540 zł, Ying & Yang Lux – 640 zł. Tylko GDYNIA.

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Promocja na poranki w Dewi w godzinach 8-12 do 19 lipca. Tantra Classic 1h - 170 zł, Tantra lux 1h - 210 zł


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