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Balinese massage

   1 h    1,5 h
Masaż Balijski
160 PLN  
40 €
220 PLN
 55 €

Balinese massage is a very old form of treatment, which was created basing on the achievements of Chinese and Indian medicines. A traditional Balinese massage combines Javanese and Balinese techniques, such as hand massaging, yoga, acupressure, and reflexology to eliminate muscle tension and stimulate the entire organism in order to help the client achieve the harmony of body, mind, and soul. Balinese massage is also connected with the utilization of several Asian techniques, including: Ayurveda, Chinese acupressure techniques, and typical Balinese relaxing massage, which affects circulation and opens energy flow channels, resulting in the improvement of the overall health condition.

The discussed ancient massage type is oriented towards the use of various techniques, such as rubbing, patting, kneading, acupressure, and reflexology. Essential oils used during the session relax and unwind the body.

Balinese massage ensures mental and physical well-being, improves circulation, as well as ensures deep and intense stimulation of both muscle and skin tissues.

Said massage type is frequently performed on a soft mat placed on the floor or on a massage bed. If a client finds it more comfortable or if his or her health condition requires so, the massage can be executed with the client sitting on a chair. Essential oils are a very important part of Balinese massage – their scent boosts memory and brings back memories or important sensations. The use of said oils is therapeutic in nature and guarantees speeding up the flow of blood and lymph.

Fluent, yet relatively strong movements done by a masseur will make you unwind, relax your muscles, stimulate circulation, as well as will result in improved metabolism of the skin and muscles.
Discussed treatment session typically lasts an hour.