Terms and Conditions

Services other than massages are not offered!
Clients taking advantage of services provided by the Dewi Massage Parlor have to be over 18.
Massages can be booked via phone by agreeing upon a specific date with our representatives. The client has the right to inform Dewi employees about his or her inability to reach the parlor on time.
Waiting time for a customer without prior notification is 15 minutes.
After 15 minutes, the Client may not be accepted for the session or the agreed upon service provision date can be cancelled.
Our masseur can refuse to perform a massage when: the customer is alcohol intoxicated, under the influence of drugs, suffers from severe skin conditions, or behaves in an inappropriate manner (sexual offers, aggression). In such a case, a given massage session can be ended quicker, with the customer still being obliged to undertake the full payment for the massage.
Individuals calling our representatives using private phone numbers are always asked to provide us with their contact data.
Customers who fail to reach our parlor twice after booking a massage session (without notification) are blacklisted.
Massage session lasts 50-60 minutes + time required to take a shower.
Payment for the service can be undertaken before/after its performance.
Each and every customer has the right to cancel a booked session 1.5 hours before its commencement. Customers canceling their bookings twice will not be registered for massages again. A customer who books a massage session and does not cancel it is required to undertake the full payment for the service or he or she will be blocked for 3 months.
Use of devices allowing for massage recording is strictly prohibited.
Women during menstruation will not be able to have a massage in our studio – we invite you after the period of bleeding!
Party publishing those Terms and Conditions can change their content at any time.
It is strictly prohibited to copy, distribute, and use the published photos. Breaching said provision will result in an appropriate punishment.
Those Terms and Conditions entered into force on 26.12.2015

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