Sports massage

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Sports massage is an integral element of biological regeneration treatments. It is taken advantage of as a complementary part of professional training programs. Said type of massage makes it possible to properly prepare the body of an athlete for a given type of physical effort. What is more, it lowers the likelihood of injury occurrence. Sports massage is highly recommended to both professional and amateur sportsmen who would like to achieve better results and experience well-being improvement.

Sports massage can be performer in one of two forms:

• before training – its aim is then to prepare the organism for a given physical activity and is utilized as an extension of warm-up, for it results in stimulating joints and tendons, relaxing muscles, as well as in increasing their performance and elasticity;

• after training – it is predominantly oriented towards notably decreasing organism’s regeneration time after a long-lasting and intense training. Its goal is to stimulate the circulation of blood and lymph, as well as decreasing muscle tension.