What is the difference between Tantric and erotic massage?

There are numerous differences between the two that should be kept in mind. The one that should be predominantly focused on is the respect of the person receiving a massage to the one giving it. When it comes to the Tantric massage, we focus our attention on the entirety of client’s body rather than on its particular parts or intimate areas.

Tantra is a completely different dimension of and approach to massage. It is addressed to aware and polite individuals who would like to experience a different state of relaxation.


Can I give a massage to or touch the masseur or masseuse during the session?

Unfortunately, there is no such a possibility. Tantric massage is an „egoistic” one, in the case of which all the attention is directed towards the patient. A session that takes place in peace and harmony is the biggest pleasure for us.


How to prepare for a Tantric massage session?

– do not drink alcohol or use other psychoactive substances,

– do not eat hearty meals before the session,

– take a proper care of your personal hygiene,

– familiarize yourself with the concept of the massage and our terms and conditions,

– visit us with a positive attitude and a wide smile.


Should I book a session in advance?

Earlier reservation makes it possible for us to prepare for the massage in an optimal manner and grants our availability. People who are willing to take advantage of our services but have not made a reservation are not guaranteed that our studio will be available on a given date and that they will be capable of taking advantage of our promotions.


What should I take with me?

Positive attitude only. All the other items that are required for the session will be made available to you.


Is it possible to make a booking for a COUPLE?

Booking for both couples and females can be made via the Booksy online booking service.

In such a case, you will be provided with the list of available masseurs and masseuses, as well as of the available dates.


Do you happen to sell vouchers?

Yes, we do. You can purchase a voucher in our studio. It can also be sent to the specified address. In the latter case, shipping costs will be added to the cost of the massage session. Regardless of the chosen form of delivery, please contact us via phone before purchasing a voucher.


Where is your studio located?

Branches of our studio are situated in Cracow and Gdynia. Detailed information can be found in the „Contact us” section of the website.


Should I opt for a comprehensive hair removal before the session?

It is not a necessity, but it has to be said that a massage session made after hair removal or trimming is always much more comfortable and hygienic.


Can I choose a preferred masseur or masseuse?

A currently available masseur/masseuse will be appointed to give you the massage. In the case of booking a session, you can select a specific masseur or masseuse.

Will my private areas be addressed during the session?

We address lingam (men) and joni (women) spots only after prior receiving your consent. It is not a necessity and we will not force you to engage in such a massage. Even though Tantra is about openness, it also has its limitations. Your comfort is the top priority for us.

How can I make the payment?

In our studio, you can pay for the provided services in cash.

Online booking – payment via debit/credit card is available.

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