Tantric massage – what is it all about?

Tantric massage is one of the most pleasant and relaxing acts that a person in a dire need of unwinding can opt for.

The discussed technique was known in the ancient times, but now it is discovered anew. Said massage can be compared to its classic counterpart, which is of exceptional importance for it allows to eliminate body-specific problems, but in the case of tantric massages (performed with the entire body of a masseur) it is even more desired for it helps the client regain both bodily and spiritual balance.

Due to its unusual character, it is recommended to all individuals suffering from various types of physical stress, as well as to those struggling with exhaustion, depression, and mental or physical problems alike.

Tantric massage is characterized by its unusual power, which helps release stress and get rid of inner blockades.

A properly performed massage removes tension, helps the body relax, as well as opens the client to his or her sexual needs, allows him or her to experience his or her sexuality, and forget about shame.

During the session, the client experiences pleasant sensations. After starting from relaxation, he or she is taken to the point of arousing tension, which is then released thanks to the use of proper massage techniques.

The ritual is performed in a complete silence, allowing the client to focus on and pay more attention to his or her inner self.

Said ritual starts from learning how to breathe in compliance with tantric rules to fully relax, refresh body and soul, as well as help energy flow through the body. A proper greeting is also of an exceptional importance.

The massage is executed with the client laying down on a large and comfortable mattress, which ensures the comfort of both parties involved. Both men and women can undergo a tantric massage session. The massage covers every part of the body, including face, breasts, buttocks, and intimate areas, ensuring true pleasure and unusual sensations.

Thanks to the discussed approach, every part of the body gets the same amount of attention and is not neglected or considered taboo, which would be equal to abandoning the massage of a given area as it is in the case of some techniques.

The body of the client is afterwards covered with highly specific essential oils and aromatic essences and then the massage proper starts with a masseur focusing on stimulating the flow of vital energy.

Both the client and the masseur are naked during the procedure, which is not only required by the type of the massage, but also – by tradition. In ancient times, tantric massages were performed in the same way as a form of praising gods and thanking them for vital power and natural strength.

Intimate area massage is never forced. It is the result of natural desires and client’s openness to massage.

If the person undergoing the massage is not willing to undergo a full intimate area massage, the masseur will accept his or her request without hesitation.

Thanks to our sessions, you will regain a proper mood, accept your sexuality and your body, as well as will become mores elf-confident.


Please note that tantric massage is not a form of erotic massage

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